Friday, 6 July 2012

Scientific Farnes

A 24 hours GPS track from a Brownsman Kittiwake (taken last week) reveals interesting movements 

Bird ringing provides valuable data

The importance of biometrics - a Puffin having its head measured  

Dr Chris Redfern leading with adult Arctic Tern 

Night time Storm Petrel ringing 

Monitoring Eiders

Friday 6th July comments: Away from the usual reporting of daily life on the islands, I’ve decided to bring you news about some of the work we do behind the scenes on the islands. Despite the weather’s best efforts we’ve had another busy summer. The ranger team has worked tirelessly with the visitors and seabirds to keep the islands open and running smoothly and to conduct scientific research.

Monitoring over 2,000 pairs of seabirds allows us to gauge the successes and failures of the breeding season. We do this primarily by directly counting the vast breeding seabird populations on the islands alongside ringing (including taking important biometric data) and tag birds with GPS (Global Positioning Systems) and TDR (Time Depth Recorders) devises. Alongside this we study food supplies and feeding ranges to collect information about the lives of our breeding seabirds.

It can feel like 24/7 job on occasions but the immense amount of valuable data collected enables us to have a better understanding and helps inform our decisions about the conservation of such special sites in future years. The Farnes is one of the most important seabird colonies in Britain and it’s our job to keep it that way.

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jayne mair said...

Hi , we had a lovely 3 days at seahouses on the 26th -28th June, I have only just had chance to look at my bird photos properly, I was sad to see that the male eider duck which was present around the harbour, has some green fishing net entangled around its body and feet , I didn't know who to contact, but wanted to see if someone could take a look and see if it can be removed, I can send photos , my e-mail address is, hope to hear from someone regarding this , jayne mair.