Sunday, 22 July 2012

Moth Mayhem

Farnes breeder; Garden Tiger 

Monster moth: Poplar Hawk-moth 

Antler Moth 

Angle Shades 

Small magpie

Sunday 22nd July comments: Its not all about birds on the Farne Islands as this time of year heralds the start of other recording; most noticeably Lepidoptera. It appears we're heading for a bad year for butterflies, but moth recording has taken off and already we’ve had some impressive discoveries.

Lead by resident ranger Will Scott, a good number of impressive moths have been caught and identified (everything is released unharmed after counting), and with some potentially good weather on the horizon August could yet bring even more surprises.

As part of the August visitor activities on the islands, we’ll be opening the moth traps during visitor hours to show people some of the goodies we have caught overnight. As the ranger motto goes; “if it moves, we record it”.

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