Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Martin Record

A stunning Ringed Plover looking for a nest site

It might not look much, but that sea got worse - views from Inner Farne to Bamburgh

Wednesday 8th April
As forecast, the islands were whipped by a strong westerly wind, reaching gale force at times and the result: no boats sailing. For the first time since we opened on 1st April, the islands were closed to the public as the visitor boats were unable to sail from Seahouses harbour so it was a switch from the ‘norm’. The team had a slow start to proceedings but like all Farne wardens, remained dynamic. The team built a new cupboard, fitted five new cisterns to the toilets, fixed some broom heads and cleaned the windows – so everything from plumbing to carpentry!! On the bird-front a House Martin seen over the island was the earliest ever Farnes record by four days, whilst the Mediterranean Gull lingered for a second day.

Weather: W4-5 increasing 7-8 – very windy but bright sunshine throughout

Highlights: Mediterranean Gull first-summer for second day on Knoxes Reef, Sandwich Tern 102 (increasing daily), House Martin – earliest ever Farnes record, Wheatear 1, Willow Warbler 2, Blackcap male.

Breeding Birds: The Puffins and Guillemots remained on the island although most took shelter from the battering winds, Ringed Plover continued to find suitable nest sites on the island and Black-headed Gulls were landing at the traditional nesting site.


Jan said...

We saw our first house martin today as well, coincidence!
Terribly windy for a while overnight too, I had to pick up some of the bird feeders that had blown down during the night.
Some more lovely photos too - thank you :) Glad you all kept busy and away from the beer!

kezia said...

Haha I like it ' remained dynamic' !!! glad you are getting the place sorted , shame no visitors but I guess that happens quite a bit at this time of year . Hope you had a well earned beer after all the hard work !!! of course do I hear you say ! Again really good pics thank you . Take care all.